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Hello World!

"Hello World, it's good to catch up with you again."

“Hello World, it’s good to catch up with you again. You’ve known the pair of us for years, but like many acquaintances we lost touch asking the way. As you’ve noticed, we can’t quite summon the courage to introduce ourselves to the rest of the human population yet. In reality, we just aren’t ready for our bosses to know our plans.”

“But, World, we’re getting there. Just be patient with us and our attempts to sell our house, donate our stuff, and stash some more cash to support us on the road ahead. A road we’re calling The Wiggly Path“.

The ubiquitous “Hello World” title couldn’t be more relevant to us right now. This is exactly what we are thinking as we prepare ourselves, our material belongings and a travel plan or two. As we hope to have our experiences outnumber our things, we want to greet our world and our surroundings as children do; with awe, excitement and respect for everything that is great.

We are writing to share our experiences, some worldly advice, an opinion or three and hopefully a little view into the places we travel and people we meet along the way. Join us as we travel our Wiggly Path.

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