Don’t Dream it. Be it.

Don't Dream it. Be it. Our Travel Prologue.

“Don’t dream it. Be it.” is my college year book quote. I borrowed it (with attribution) from Frank ‘N Furter, of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame. Frank sings about giving himself over to absolute pleasure – of the flesh kind.  As appealing as pleasures of the flesh are, it was the title not the lyrics that grabbed me.  “Be it.”  It’s such a simple, powerful call-to-action – yet it’s really hard to live up to. After all, it’s so much easier to dream, think, plan, imagine [insert your passive word here] … than to do.  Taking actionable steps to follow your dream is really hard.

The time for dreaming about quitting our jobs and traveling is over.  It’s time to do it.

Our condo is for sale. We’re freeing ourselves from the burden of “stuff” by giving it to friends, selling it or donating it to charity. We’re selling our car.  Financially, we’ve been planning for this for years. We have a plan for giving notice at our jobs.

It’s hard to believe it’s finally here.

This summer, we had to replace our central A/C.  When I was reviewing replacement options with the repairman I said, “We don’t want to spend a lot of money because we’re selling this place in the fall. We’re going to quit our jobs and travel around the world next year.”

“Really?” he said.  “Everyone says that.  No one ever does it.”

“Oh, we are. We really are,” I replied.

Fast forward a few months and we’re weeks away from living our travel dream.  The current plan is a trip around the world.

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